Friday, August 20, 2010

Mindset Is Absolutely Critical In The Direction Of Your Dreams

The mental switch of your mind and your mindset is absolutely critical in the direction of your journey towards your dreams towards success. I always elude to the equation for success as very simply this: KNOWLEDGE + EXECUTION + a POSITIVE ATTITUDE = SUCCESS. With that said . . .Why a Network Marketing business and how does that relate to your "Mental Switch"?

The Network Marketing business give you the vehicle to have financial and time independence which seems to be the dreams of all of us. The trouble is most people want instant gratification. They don't really have the mindset or mental toughness to stick with anything long enough to make it work.

In addition they often have friends who have negative ideas about network marketing. They tried it and it didn't work for them or knew someone who had a bad experience. Their uncle Bob tried it and it didn't work for him so he discourages them from trying it. In my opinion that's called "the language of the poor." Because uncle Bob wasn't successful does not mean that network marketing doesn't work. It means uncle Bob didn't have the right mindset and mentoring to make it work. This is where a system and mindset MUST be the correct one to have success! Here is a FREE system that a person can use today and it will work. FREE TRAINING AND MARKETING STRATEGIES

If you want to get ahead you have to open your mind and change some of the ways you look at things and not allow poverty minded people to influence you. If someone advises you about your financial future, about whether or not you should start a network marketing business, make sure that they are qualified to make recommendations. Everyone has an opinion about everything. The question is, is it worth listening to?

There is nothing wrong with network marketing. The failure rate is no higher than any other type of business. It's the mindset of the people who join and the lack on a system showing them exactly how to market their business. Here is the problem though. The average person or the "Uncle Bobs" of the world doesn't consider network marketing to be a real business. My question is this. How would someone who's never done well in any kind of business know what a real business is anyway? So why would you listen to their advise or be upset if they didn't want to join you?

Well . . .to become financially free you need more than a dream. You need a plan, a system, a vehicle and the right mindset to take you where you want to go. If I had it to start my career all over again back in those early years to get started in my own business, it would have been the Network Marketing Industry.

In a normal job somebody tells you how much money you make, when you come to work, when you can eat lunch, when you can go home, when you get a pay raise and even when to retire . . .or in some cases that you no longer have a job . . .or a retirement!

A Network Marketing business simply gives you more choices. And if you have more choices you have more freedom. That's what the world wants the freedom of choices and can't get it. We have all the freedom in the world and most don't make the choice to have it because of that "Mental Switch." Instead they let others dictate to them what they earn and how they live their lives . . .and that's a sad thing in my opinion.

There will always be the person, friend, the relative who says, "Why are you in the Network Marketing business? That kind of business doesn't work." Well all I can say is that if you let that person make your decisions then you're the one who loses. Job security is non-existent these days. Somebody sold you the wrong plan if you think differently.

Your success will begin with your mindset. The results you produce are always the result of your mindset. You create your mindset by making clear, firm decisions and and with that you expand your limitations. When your decisions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors are in perfect alignment, the conditions in your life will change like magic!

To your success and make it a great day!

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